SAM Registered


Our substantial engineering experience enables our customers to utilize us for development programs that augment permanent resources and full scale OEM design through manufacturing. All our engineering activities are focused on safety, weight, performance, schedule and cost. Our systems offer customized solutions that fit within the performance objectives and competitive strategies of our customers.

Our team continues to support the OEM until the hardware is delivered, flight tested and certified.

Some of our products include:

  • Automatic Ground Test Systems (maintenance automation)
  • Data Aquisition Unit for flexible airplane subsystem interface
  • Advanced Primary/Secondary Power Distribution System
  • Aircraft Utilities: Fuel, ECS, Lighting, Anti-ice, Hydraulics, etc.
  • Flight Data/ Voice Recording and Aural Warning
  • Flight Controls: Stability Augmentation, Autopilot, Fly-by-Wire
  • Aircraft Maintenance Systems