SAM Registered

NSS tailors our operating methodology to the needs of our customers. This approach enable us to focus on key customers within the aerospace, defense and industrial sectors and offering a broad range of support services.

These services cover the complete product life cycle and can be provided on an integrated or stand-alone basis. The services can also be tailored to meet the most demanding customer specific requirements. Typical customer working arrangements include:

On-site Working
Supply of skilled engineers or multi-skilled engineering teams at the customer's site to work as an integral part of a project team.
Package Work
Undertake packages of work at our facility. Such work can be undertaken under direct control of the customer or on a project managed basis. This method is often most efficient because the individuals assigned to your project have full access to the deep experience of the entire NSS team to help move the work forward. If necessary on-site packaging assistance can be provided.
Integrated Solutions
Provide integrated engineering solutions involving multiple skill capabilities e.g. System Design + Safety Analysis + Requirements Specification.
Design Build
Provide complete design/build service. Typical areas of expertise include Data Acquisition Units, Advance Power Distribution, Aircraft Utilities and Flight Controls. Our team continues to support the OEM or STC client until the hardware is delivered, flight tested and certified. NSS will manufacture the system and provide warranty and customer support.
Strategic Partnership
Our relationships with our customers are strategic in nature. Over the years we have become an available extension to our clientsí internal engineering. They return to us on as needed basis, and we provide the capacities to support any size or schedule. Our customers donít incur expenses during a slow down, yet benefit from the long years of experience and knowledge.